Login as User WordPress Plugin

When managing a large WordPress community or when your WordPress setup is a little more than a simple blog, it can be useful to see things from your user’s perspective. I have created a simple Must Use Plugin you can just drop into your WordPress installation that allows a Super Administrator user to login as any user on your website (except for other Super Administrators). This is a highly useful functionality when you need to verify that your interfaces are working not only for your Super Administrator roles, but your other user roles as well.

Check out the plugin on GitHub at: https://github.com/kynatro/loginasuser

Finally a practical use for WordPress’ secret SHORTINIT constant!

Ever write a plugin that needs to utilize AJAX functionality for a rapid response, such as checking if a user exists in the database on key-up, but going through the usual admin-ajax route is too slow? You can write your own AJAX response addressing a PHP file directly with the secret SHORTINIT constant to safely load the WPDB Class and be able to access the WordPress database Object!
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2 New WordPress Plugins – OOP Plugin Boilerplate and MU Utility Plugin

I’ve done a lot of WordPress plugin development lately and thought I’d share some of the great little tools that I’ve used during creation. To start giving back to the community, I’ve decided to make public my OOP WordPress plugin boilerplate and my Utility Functions MU plugin – both valuable tools that I use whenever I’m building a new masterpiece with WordPress.

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WordCamp San Diego 2011 (#wcsd)

WordCamp San Diego 2011 is done! Looks like the state of the Word is going well with active WordPress installations up above 50,000,000 (30,000,000 wordpress.org and 20,000,000 wordpress.com sites according to Automattic’s numbers). This is an impressive figure that is pretty exciting to be a part of.

The panels for the camp were pretty good, although I was really hoping for a little more detail and breadth in the topics, but hey this is San Diego’s first WordCamp and really when it all boils down to it: we’re no San Francisco. Regardless of that, the atmosphere was great and the people were all excited to learn a few new things and be a part of the WordPress community.

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Disable Plugins on a Single Post/Page in WordPress

So, one of the biggest flaws with WordPress is that, unless the author has written their plugin well, it will load on every single post or page on your website. This is often overkill as there will be some plugins that only apply to a specific section of your website. In an effort to provide greater control, lighten memory load and increase page load times I have written a very simple plugin to control what plugins load where.

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