Synergy FTW


Just got a new laptop – a massive upgrade over the desktop unit I had. Oddly enough for the industry I’m in and what I love doing, this is the first laptop I’ve ever owned. I purchased this laptop primarily to replace my desktop, but also to be a tool for my work. Since I bring my laptop into the office, I thought I’d take a look at a feature I had seen a few of my Mac buddies using with their Powerbooks – Synergy.

Synergy all allows you to install a Synergy server on one¬†machine and a Synergy client on your laptop and share the keyboard and mouse of the server machine on both systems. On the surface, this just sounds like a software KVM solution right? Wrong! When you run Synergy your desktops are linked together (although your programs remain isolated to the machine they are run on). This means you can just move your mouse from your server machine across onto your client machine just as if it were another monitor.¬†Synergy will automatically switch keyboard controls to control the client machine as though they were hooked up via USB – no delay or lag (unless you have a crappy network connection between the two). Synergy is also intelligent enough to even transfer clipboard items between machines as well, so you can copy a link from your server machine and paste it in the IM client you’re running on your client machine.

I highly recommend checking out Synergy if you are running more than one machine or a laptop and desktop machine. Synergy works with Windows XP/Vista/7, Ubuntu/Debian based Linux and Mac OS based machines – even allowing linking between operating systems. Check it out!

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