About Me

My name is Dave Shepard and I’m a PC web developer. I’ve never really had much time to maintain a blog, but recently I’ve determined that I need some kind of presence on the web besides my twitter and rarely used Facebook account (which I really only have because I needed it for developer access). I’ve created this blog with two intentions in mind: 1) a place to share my experience and knowledge and 2) to be a testing ground for my own WordPress development. I’ve fallen in love with WordPress as a platform in the past few years and think its an extremely capable platform to work on top of.

Currently I am employed at digital-telepathy, a web design agency based in sunny San Diego, CA, where I am the Senior Developer and Architect. I’ve been working with web technologies for nearly a decade now and have done everything from PHP on a traditional LAMP stack to Ruby on Rails on a thin/nginx stack with a little Python and Django thrown in for good measure.

Primarily I work in application development as well as dabbling a little in server management and systems architecture. My ever growing suite of knowledge includes (but is not limited to):

  • OOP PHP programming
  • Advanced OO JavaScript scripting
  • Advanced XHTML/CSS layout writing (including CSS3 and HTML5 specs)
  • LAMP and LNMP stack server setup, maintenance and management
  • CakePHP MVC framework
  • Advanced WordPress plugin and theme development
  • Some Ruby on Rails experience