WordCamp San Francisco, 2012

This year at WordCamp San Francisco, I’m giving a talk with Chuck Longanecker about how we at digital-telepathy used the power of WordPress to build, scale and sell an awesome SaaS product.

I’m up in San Francisco this weekend for WordCamp SF – the WordCamp of WordCamps. Its cool enough to be able to come up to the bay and attend this conference, but this year’s conference has a twist for me as I’ll be speaking at it! Come and see +Chuck Longanecker (or @barefootceo if you prefer the Twitterverse) and I talk about how we at digital-telepathy used WordPress to not only create full-blown SaaS application, but scaled it to a paid subscription revenue model and eventually sold it!

Come and see our talk at 5:20pm this Saturday and learn HOW WE BUILT AND GREW THE HELLO BAR WEB APPLICATION USING WORDPRESS.

WordCamp San Diego 2011 (#wcsd)

WordCamp San Diego 2011 is done! Looks like the state of the Word is going well with active WordPress installations up above 50,000,000 (30,000,000 wordpress.org and 20,000,000 wordpress.com sites according to Automattic’s numbers). This is an impressive figure that is pretty exciting to be a part of.

The panels for the camp were pretty good, although I was really hoping for a little more detail and breadth in the topics, but hey this is San Diego’s first WordCamp and really when it all boils down to it: we’re no San Francisco. Regardless of that, the atmosphere was great and the people were all excited to learn a few new things and be a part of the WordPress community.

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