DC, Days 7 and 8 and Coming Home

So, at the end of the trip here its gotten pretty busy as we try and cram every last monument, memorial and museum in we can with the time we have left. We’re also doing all this while exhausted from the rest of the running around we had been doing the previous 6 days. So now that we’ve come home and had a day to recouperate, without further ado, days 7, 8 and coming home!

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DC, Days 5 and 6

Ahh, good old east coast weather! I am currently writing this amidst pouring rain, thunder and lightning (I sure hope I don’t kill my laptop having it plugged in!) Did I mention I absolutely love it when it rains? Days 5 and 6 were, in summary, Smithsonian days. We hit every Smithsonian we could in the course of 48 hours (with some much needed breaks for our feet here and there). A and I also got to see our most looked forward to sights!

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DC, Days 1 and 2

Last year we got a pretty unique Christmas bonus: a “personal betterment” trip, partially funded by dt. This was a pretty awesome surprise bonus and I thought of the perfect place to go and the perfect time to “spend” it. This year is my wife’s and mine fifth wedding anniversary (yay!) and both of us have had a desire to go to the east coast; what better place than our nation’s capitol? So, here we are in Washington DC for a week celebrating our fifth anniversary and “bettering” ourselves. I’ve decided that while we’re here I’ll be blogging about our experience to share it with everyone else. I’ll be trying to blog daily, but sometimes that won’t be possible (i.e. this first post). So, stay tuned over the next few week to experience DC with A and I!

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