Animated, nestable collapsibles with React

There’s a ton of libraries out there to animate a collapsible element when you aren’t dealing with React, but how do you do it when React is involved? The DOM changes so frequently with every render that you loose references and it makes it difficult to measure. No problem with React references. In fact, while it might seem harder at first to do an animated collapsible with React, its really not much different than if you didn’t use React. React just provides the handy state object for you to store your open/close state in – the rest is the same. To demonstrate this, I’ve created a simple Codepen:

Chrome Debugging in VSCode

I’ve tried giving VSCode a couple of tries in the past and I never could see it replacing my tried and true IDE of choice – Sublime Text …until possibly now. Sublime Text is an amazingly fast editor (faster than VSCode), but for some of VSCode’s quirks, I’m actually finding it to be a potential replacement now in its current iteration, and Chrome Debugger is the real clincher.

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Welcome to Rackspace!

Just finished setting the site up on a new server of my own on Rackspace’s Cloud. The site is much speedier now (sorry Media Temple, but your Grid Server system really is too slow for my tastes). Now I’m running on a new stack for super speedy response time:

  • Ubuntu 10.04LTS
  • Apache 2.2 running PHP 5.3.2 via mod_php
  • MySQL 5.1.41
  • A basic Varnish caching layer running in front of Apache
  • nginx reverse proxy running in front of Varnish
Since I am also running both PHP 5.3.x and MySQL 5.1.x I am also running the latest version of WordPress (3.2 RC1 as of this posting). In conjunction with W3 Total Cache handling object, database, page caching and Varnish purging, the site is blazing fast!
So, now that I’ve got a working environment here that actually has some guts, I might be able to do something with it!

Hello world!

Hello world indeed! It’s been a long time since I’ve had any sort of personal web presence to speak of, but I’ve finally re-acquired my domain name from the squatters over at GoDaddy and I’m back!

There isn’t much here yet, but you can look forward to posts and articles sharing my knowledge and experience as a web developer and whatever else I think worthy of posting here. In the meantime, go checkout my about page if you’re interested in who I am or my projects section for work I’ve done and projects I’ve helped develop.