WordCamp San Francisco, 2012

This year at WordCamp San Francisco, I’m giving a talk with Chuck Longanecker about how we at digital-telepathy used the power of WordPress to build, scale and sell an awesome SaaS product.

I’m up in San Francisco this weekend for WordCamp SF – the WordCamp of WordCamps. Its cool enough to be able to come up to the bay and attend this conference, but this year’s conference has a twist for me as I’ll be speaking at it! Come and see +Chuck Longanecker¬†(or @barefootceo if you prefer the Twitterverse) and I talk about how we at digital-telepathy used WordPress to not only create full-blown SaaS application, but scaled it to a paid subscription revenue model and eventually sold it!

Come and see our talk at 5:20pm this Saturday and learn HOW WE BUILT AND GREW THE HELLO BAR WEB APPLICATION USING WORDPRESS.

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